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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work Experience Letter

I hereby write to inform you about the possibility of being placed with your organization to gain work experience. I would be very happy if you give me the opportunity to intern with the company for a period of two months in July and August

I am currently pursuing my post graduation in New York Audio Visual Communications Film and Television Institute. I graduated from the Visual Studies at New York University. I was part of the television crews who filmed a documentary, and CBS has also directed and edited my graduation film, I could send a cross, if you want to watch. Own house documentary production work has always inspired me and I always wanted to work with the organization and be a member of your team. I am a team worker and fast learner who is working hard for the whole operation. I am a voracious reader, which allows me to see many historical facts in literary bent of mind and helped me improve my editing skills.

100% Job Placement Rate

In a world where the demand for qualified people is an all time high, employers are always looking for those who would meet the needs of society and do the work that are proven effective and spark innovation. Many new graduates usually full of ideas for improving the state of society and also increase profits. But the downside is that employers do not want to risk the inexperienced professionals often ask young people to come back when they have little practical experience. This quickly becomes a spiral, with experience should be enough to get a job, and apparently without any work, can not be sufficiently experienced. E 'in such a situation, you can try and do work experience by interning with the company. The possibility of this, however, you must write a letter to be written to test and create an impression of the first significant blow.

letters of work experience, employers of potential demand, to give the opportunity to work with them, you create an impression on them. A letter of work experience may well be the answer to how to get an internship.